Climate Action with U4energy, European Schoolnet (European Commission)

The European school challenge on energy consumption, saving and alternative energy awareness

Spark Change is the principal author of a best practice e-book on the teaching of energy efficiency in the European Union. The book, which is available to teachers and policy-makers across Europe, explores the different ways schools and governments across the European Union address the teaching of energy efficiency from both a financial and pedagogical standpoint.

Developed as a primary outcome of U4energy, an initiative launched within the framework of the EU Intelligent Energy Europe programme, the e-book encourages students, teachers and heads of schools to leverage best practice and take action in the area of energy efficiency.

Spark Change saw the development process of the e-book through from the key message development to the creation of questionnaires, case study formats, interviews and copywriting. Over 20 European teachers, heads of environmental associations and government representatives were interviewed in-depth by Spark Change about their experience of promoting and teaching energy efficiency to young people.